“I wish I’d had this uniquely candid relationship and divorce companion from Nicole Sodoma years ago, it would have made my own divorce journey a lot less lonely. It would have made the journey a lot less lonely. She’s lived divorce in her own story and she’s been a divorce doula for so many. I never wanted to end up in court. I tried everything else, court was my last resort. I wish when my friend had advised me to go to an attorney she’d also been able to slip me this book. It’s about time we pull back the dark, velvet curtain that is the delicacy of divorce. o With Nicole’s over 20 years of legal experience and personal experience, how could you not want to get a glass of wine with this gal and simply have her walk alongside you as you navigate your divorce journey? Please Don’t Say You’re Sorry is a conversational companion, full of heart and empathy plus facts from an expert to help you feel a little less alone in this abyss. Page after page you feel that she is able to meet you where you are at and helps reframe the relationship to yourself as you un-relationship to another. I’m hopeful it’s just the beginning of many more conversations around this from a sisterhood perspective. Nicole has a profound way of making you feel a little more okay, reminding you it’s going to be okay, and ultimately empowering you to make the hard decisions while embracing the possibility of expansion during a period of your life that may feel like contraction. I’m definitely NOT sorry I read this book – and you won’t be either.”